The Sport

The 2 Legged Horse is a sport that requires a variety of skills. No doubt you possess some of them!

  • Sporting ability, with a variety of demanding tasks to complete (show jumping, dressage…)
  • Gracefulness, in order to best mimic the paces of a horse
  • Imagination, creation of your own horse, your outfit, your dance routines…

This sport is accessible to all, young and old, regardless of the size of your purse.


Show Jumping

Aim :

  • To jump between 8 and 10 obstacles, all at least 30cm tall


Success Criteria

  • To keep the wooden stick between the legs
  • Possibility to set a time limit for each event

The dressage test of the 1st World Championship

Dressage test

Aim :

  • To complete a dressage test for a duration of max. 3 min, based on a horse’s paces.


Success Criteria :

  • You will create your dressage routine from scratch and run it on a music of your choice (maximum time allowed: 3min)
  • 6 horse riders maximum allowed. For teams of less than 6 horse riders, the dance routine will need adapting
  • During official competitions, set routines will have to be completed.



Aim :

  • To imitate to perfection a horse’s neigh


Success Criteria :

  • Use nothing else other than your mouth to produce sounds