Our Aims

The 2 Legged Horse is a much more complex sport than it first appears. Whilst it allows everyone to discover what equestrian sports are about, it only requires the use of a wooden stick. All you need then is your creativity to build your own horse, your sporting ability to tackle increasingly challenging obstacles and an outfit that will stand out during the spectacular dressage competitions.

As you have already worked out, we are convinced of it. The 2 Legged Horse is going to take over the world.


Getting the word out

To introduce to sports and cultural associations, schools, communities and families…a brand new, audacious and multi-generational sport.


To structure all the enthusiasts of the sport

To organise events and shows in various parts of France to bring together the 2 Legged Horse community


To dare being original

To build together the foundations for this sport of the future around the principles of fun and togetherness