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Join Us !!

Alone, one goes fast. Together, we’ll go far !

In order for the 2 Legged Horse to become the sport of the future, we need you more than ever before! Help us spread the word so that 2 Legged Horses become part of our daily lives.

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Officially become a member of the 2 Legged Horse community!

By becoming a member, you will become an integral part of the 2LHFF. Your voice will matter and you will have a say in the decisions made. You will also be able to organise your own 2 Legged Horse competitions.

For your club to join the 2LHFF, please contact us directly:

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Support the 2 Legged Horse !

By making a donation, you are allowing our association to be part of big sporting events but also to advertise our sport in sports clubs and schools.