The 1st World Championship in 2018: A crazy challenge.

After drawing some inspiration from a very serious Finnish sport called “hobby horse”, Philippe Maindron came up with the idea of the 2 Legged Horse in 2018. Whilst still using many of the principles behind the more traditional equestrian sports, the 2 Legged Horse managed to make show-jumping, dressage and any other horse-based activity available to all. Competitive events brought together families, colleagues and friends. All shared the same objective: to successfully complete set tasks under a time limit. It was an instant success.


A wonderful patron : Guillaume Canet

It’s without hesitation that Guillaume Canet agreed to become the patron of the First World Championship of the 2 Legged Horse. Indeed, Guillaume Canet (who is also a big lover of horses) was instantly drawn to this crazy idea and the way it manages to bring together the equestrian world and the general public in a fun and light-hearted way.


The World Championship was primarily organised as a festive and family event and brought together 280 contestants. It came as a bombshell to newspapers, tv channels and lovers of all equestrian sports alike. The event was a success and attracted praise from even the biggest competitions and events organisers in France. As the names of the winners unfolded, a single idea was in all the organisers’ minds: they needed to take the 2 Legged Horse worldwide.